Michel Verhaeren

Michel has been the CEO of Viabuild (previously Verhaeren & Co - Kembo.), a company engaged in road works, sewage, excavation and demolition,  for 18 years. He brought this company from an SME with a turnover of €5 million to a financially-healthy top-3 player in the sector with a €170 million turnover. Michel will be able to deploy his operational experience in assisting and advising the young or growing businesses in which Vermec invests.

Brigitte Bogaert

Brigitte studied Business Languages at Ham College in Mechelen. After her studies she joined IBM Belgium to work in the IT department for 11 years, where she was able to optimize her IT skills through internal training. After a career pause she completed a three-year training course for real estate brokerage at Syntra in Brussels. She then worked at Viabuild as an all-round manager.

Bart Houben

Bart has experience as a consultant with OC&C Strategy Consultants. He was investment manager at Gimv - where he was co-responsible for the investment in Viabuild - and as an entrepreneur, where he helped in the strong growth of a young SME. He guided Viabuild through their acquisitions and investments. He combines a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach with financial knowledge from studies and work experience.

Board of Directors

Peter Cauwels

Peter studied physics at the University of Ghent, where he obtained his PhD with a specialization in nuclear physics in 2001. He then worked ten years in the banking industry, first as a senior risk management advisor at KBC Bank and later as head of research and portfolio manager Fixed Income in Fortis Global Markets. Between 2011 and 2014 he returned to academia, holding a position of senior researcher of Entrepreneurial Risk at the Polytechnic University, ETH in Zurich.